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The Turtle Saga Begins

To those that don't know, in September last year, my Grandmother passed away and I was off work for a week or so. In that time, Suzan that I work with decided to get me a present, which was very nice of her. Unfortunately, she took one of my random off the cuff remarks like "I want a turtle" far too seriously and as a result, she researched the how, where and why of having pet turtles in Sydney.

She discovered that you need a license to keep a turtle in captivity and so she went around and collected money for the license ($60) and also got everyone to sign a card, which they gave me in a meeting in front of everyone in the conference room.

A very nice gesture, except now everyone knew that my Grandma died and that I was getting a turtle as a "be happy now!" present. At the time, it kinda pissed me off, but I supressed my anger and embarassment because in the end, she did a pretty nice thing for me (a nice thing that I haven't yet equaled, even though her cousin and best friend died like 2 weeks later, because I'm an asshole).

And apart from the embarassment of having this shit presented to me in front of the whole college, she also told me that she would pay for the turtle, but I would have to buy the equipment.


Those of you that know me well know that I don't exactly have spare cash to throw at turtle equipment every time someone buys me a turtle. And even worse, the quote I had at the time was $80 for the turtle (which Suzan was paying for) and $300 for everything else, and we didn't have the option of buying it without the equipment.

Eventually, we found a place that sold baby turtles on their own for $60 but we had to wait for them to hatch.

6 months passed and they finally hatched, and with perfect timing, our deal beloved goldfish "Goldie" passed away, leaving us with a spare tank, filter, heater, thermometer and rocks. This weekend, Mum and I went and picked up the lil fulla, and looking into his little black spotted eyes and weirdly larger nostrils, I was glad that Suzan went to that effort and embarassed me in front of all my work mates.

He's a male Murray River Turtle (well, the breeder wasn't sure if he was a male or not and left it as 'unknown', but she said he's probably male because of his longer tail)

So without further adieu, I give you UNNAMED TURTLE #000001!

The only decent shot I have of him because he's SCARED OF HOOMANS! and the pictures are all blurry when you use the zoom. His head is poking out of the water!

Zoomed while he's hiding in the corner next to the filter

Under the water, and being happy!

I also bought some live brine shrimp and some FROZEN TURTLE DINNERS and I put a dinner in with some shrimp and this morning when I got up, the shrimp were gone and the dinner was half eaten!

Also, when I turned the light out last night at about 7pm, he WENT TO SLEEP! OMG IT WAS SO CUTE! But I couldn't get a picture of it because he woke up :/ and it was so cute when he opened his little sleepy eyes :D

He's scared of humans at the moment, and pretty much stays next to the filter in the corner of the tank when there's people around. If you sneak into the room, you can sometimes catch him on the dry part of the tank or swimming in the open :D

Now, I need to name him quickly so I can stop calling him "the Turtle". Suggestions are welcome.


PS He hatched on the 23rd of January... so that's his birthday! He's two weeks old!
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