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Saga` le Turtle day 3

I've pretty much decided on Zep for the turtle's name, but I'm still not convinced. Maybe Hermes... oh I'm so confused, if only he could tell me what name he wanted.

At the moment, the water in his tank is at 27°c which is the maximum recommended. Since they like the warmth, I figure keeping it at the maximum recommended will keep him happy.

He's become a lot less shy and now when I walk in the room, he doesn't swim away unless I make a sudden movement, then he bolts beneath the filter. He's also paddling around in the water A LOT more than Sunday :D

I fed him some brine shrimp yesterday, and some more this morning. They seem to be all gone after about half an hour, so I assume he's eating them. There's also a bit of his frozen dinner still left at the bottom of the tank and he was nibbling at it this morning.

Well... that's about it for the moment I guess. Oh yeah. He was climbing on the heater last night and got all the way out of the water. I think he was looking for an escape. I saw him and went "hey! where are you going!" and it frightened him and he fell in the water again :(

I think he's identifying me as the food bringer too, because he stares at me a bit more curiously than before.

Anyway... back to work where I want to shove a shard of glass in my ear just so I can go home.
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