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Let down and hanging around...

I'm pretty sure I need a new job. I hate being here, and at the moment, it feels like I do nothing but work and these are the only people I see. I get home from work and I'm too tired to do anything but stare at the television. The night speeds past, and all of a sudden I'm back trying to be pleasurable to the people here for SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS. 7.5 hours isn't that much out of the day, but it feels like eternity.

Perhaps I'm just extra bummed today considering the circumstances. Yesterday was hot as hell and I worked really hard in a room with no air conditioning which got up to about 37 degrees. Then after that, I had to leave about 20 minutes after I got home to go to Nite Jam in Sutherland for band practice. So I played bass in an even hotter room that had one pedestal fan, and 3 sweaty metal heads, for 3 hours straight with no water. By the end of the 3 hours, the room was a certified sauna. As I was carrying out the bass drum when we packed up, I noticed a switch for this massive industrial vent that would've sucked out all the heat, had we known it was there.

After this, I drove home, even though I could barely lift my feet and my fingers had blisters, paper cuts and bass string inflicted wounds on them.

I got home in time to go to bed.

Then this morning, I had breakfast at 9.30am, 20 hours after my last meal although I hadn't been hungry at all.

I get to work and the HR woman says "oh I need to see you about your time sheets, before she left, Bernadette made lots of notes on them. You might need your leave book". Implying that there's times on the sheets that are wrong that I need to take leave for.

Immediately after, the head teacher for multimedia grabbed me because a full lab went down and no one could find me... bringing attention to the fact I came in late.

Then after I finally got the lab up and running, I get a phone call from my new boss saying he got a letter from HR about my sick leave and he needs to talk to me today.



Ok so... wish me luck for the rest of my day.

In turtle news, his tank got really hot yesterday and I unplugged the heater, even though I'm concerned that the water will get too cold. It's steady at about 27 degrees. Still not 100% on a name.

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