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I bleh, therefore I am bleh

This dude just called and the following conversation ensued:

Him: "Hello there sir! Are you the network administrator?"
Me: "...Yes" (technically a lie. I'm not *the* network administrator but I'm the closest there is)
H: "Well! My name is Michael and I'm calling from iBurst and Unwired! We do wireless broadband!"
M: "Uh huh"
H: "Do you have ADSL at the moment?"
M: "Err... you know you've called a TAFE?"
H: "Yep! Do you guys use ADSL there?"
M: "Err... well, we have a high bandwidth fibre optic link direct into Telstra's backbone."
H: "Oh...."
M: "I'm pretty sure all TAFEs are on it" (just in case he was planning on calling every TAFE college)
H: "Ohhh........" (yes, he was planning on calling every TAFE college)
M: "Yeah"
H: "Well... what do you do for your laptops?"
M: "Well, we don't have many laptops, but the ones we do have rely on a sophisiticated wireless network that runs from the same backbone"
H: "Oh"
M: "Well.... goodbye!"
H: "Bye"

I have no idea what would make someone think a TAFE would be running off ADSL and that we'd be interested in buying 500 iBurst wireless cards.

On a note just as geeky, I'm managing the student's accounts at work and none of them had their Home Dir defined in their profile. They just needed one string inserted into their profile: "\\cnf10\EduUsers\%username%" and I was writing a VB script to do it for me, since I didn't want to manually type it for all 1000 student accounts. I spent most of yesterday and this morning doing it when I found a fairly good GUI that would let me CTRL/SHIFT click and modify all the students at once. The program had been loading for about 2 hours (loading all the network objects into memory) when I noticed 1000 Home Dirs appearing on the server. Someone at DET head office ran a script they already had prepared which did it for me, rendering yesterday and this morning's work useless. I guess I should thank them? I was going to do some more work on it from home last night. Lucky I didn't, I guess.

I had a little fight with Drew today too. Not really a fight, but as close as fighting as we get. Usually if I say something he doesn't agree with he'll just say "yeah... I guess..." but I guess today he was through with pussy footing around. All to do with the band, he has a different opinion/vision for what our image should/will be but unfortunately, I'm the one that has to write the bio and the website and pretty much everything else.

I guess the three of us (well, 4 now) need to write this crap together, or just get a dedicated manager. At the moment, I'm not managing the band so much as I'm being Drew's secretary, and there's barely anything to manage! I book rehearsal and he says "Make it later" or "Get a bigger rehearsal room"... so I ring and make it later or a bigger room... but that doesn't equate to managing the band... that is having my strings pulled. So, I am hereby relinquishing my duties as band manager and a bass player only.
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