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Barefeet running on cement...

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31st August 2011

1:13pm: Well, this seems an appropriate place to post this
Ye olde new tattoo, inspired by my old LiveJournal user pic.

The last photo of my bare forearm:

And after:

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26th October 2006

11:06am: It seems to me that if we were to meet a living, intelligent, yet not-human being, who did not have eyes, whose vision was based on, say, smell or some system of tiny sensitive hair-like cells covering their outer skin (suggesting that there is an inner skin), they would probably find it odd, yet in some way sensible, that our eyes build up crusty mucuous in the corners while we sleep.

A simple fact of life, but from the outside looking in... how weird.

No, sadly, I'm *not* high... just extremely tired.

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6th September 2006

10:24am: I got an Xbox 360 for free yesterday because I upgraded my phone :) So, add me to your friends so we can like, play and stuff :)

sikthmalignus's Gamercard

Get your own Gamercard Sig.

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1st May 2006

1:25pm: An interesting note to that last post. I wrapped it up quickly because aforementioned friend and office-mate came back, looking over my shoulder and going "ohh! Live Journal aye! Didn't know you had one of those!"

And I bet you thought I was paranoid...

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12:31pm: Opeth - 25/4/06
Hey gang!

I know I don't write in this much anymore (I now share an office with a mate and he loves looking over my shoulder because, as he says, "you always look at cool stuff and never tell me", and I don't really wanna have him watch me write in my journal... plus I'm kinda busy at work these days) but felt like mentioning that I went to see Opeth at the Big Top at Luna Park on Anzac Day.

Drew and myself walked from my place to St. Leonards station (about a 30 minute or so walk) and then walked from Milson's Point to Luna Park where we saw a queue of people that went from the Big Top all the way back to that restaurant next to the swimming pool, so we walked back past the station to a pub (can't remember what it was called) and chilled on 4 or 5 beers until about 8.50, just before Opeth were due to apear. All this walking left me relatively exhausted, and I didn't really feel the effects of the 9 or 10 beers I drank before hand (we had a few before we left).

We got to the Big Top, eager for more beer, lined up for 18+ wrist label things, went up for a beer and saw the signs saying "no alcohol beyond this point" so we headed in to the venue, thus nullifying the 10 minutes we spent getting wrist bands.

Because we were late, we ended up standing near the back. Usually I'd push my way through but I was feeling really exhausted, and kinda mellow and was just happy to stand back. The Big Top's a pretty big venue. Probably about the size of the Hordern without the stands on the sides.

The sound was absolutely perfect. Really loud but didn't leave our ears ringing at the end. The double bass sounded great too. A little too great as it pounded my bladder awake and needed to pee through the whole show. Annoying because during the slower parts, I was really paying no attention to the music and just wanted to get the hell out of there. I wanted to leave and go to the mens room but thought I might miss some of the better songs :/ Mikael is a great frontman (wearing a Darkthrone shirt too. Darkthrone ftw!)

Dunno the exact set but I remember hearing:

Ghosts of Perdition
The Amen Corner
Under a Weeping Moon
The Leper Affinity
The Grand Conjuration (sounded unbe-fucking-lievable)
Some slow Deep Purple song
Deliverance (awesome unbe-fucking-lievable)

I think The Baying of the Hounds was in there somewhere, too.

Anyway, gotta run

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1st February 2006

11:26am: I thought I should, y'know, put stuff in this here journal about what I've been doing, and I like Tim's easy way of putting everything in dot points. So (even though I'm really busy) I'm gonna take some time to dot point my last 14 weeks (according to LJ, it's been 14 weeks since I updated).

* I'm still in the same job despite looking for a new one. It's really rough and I'm in a bit of a bad position because I *really* want to leave this job but I need to find one that pays the same or higher that isn't gonna shit me like this one does.

* I applied for a writing job at a video game magazine. I didn't get the job but they took me on as a freelance writer. Should hopefully have a few game reviews published in next months issue.

* My band is kind of on hiatus. We have heaps of material and are dying to gig, but we're still missing a vocalist. Also, our drummer wants to move to guitar, so we're trying to find a drummer too, and not having much luck as our music involves a lot of odd timings and such. We tried out a really great drummer but he had a hard time getting his head around the timing and the weird changes, so we didn't take him on.

* My turtle (who I still just call 'turtle' but his name is 'Zepp') turned a year old the other day. He still hates me and bites me when he can get the opportunity.

* Brooke and I moved to the Lane Cove area.

* I got my Ps in June, got a parking fine in July and a speeding fine in December. Only need one more offence and I lose my license.

* I started playing World of Warcraft in December and, as expected, I've become addicted. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a way to play it through the firewall at work.

* We're buying a plasma TV, hooray!

* My life is a lot less exciting than I thought. I've run out of dot points.

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19th October 2005

9:56am: Frustrated
I'm really irritable at the moment. Like I could shut and lock my office door and ignore everyone that came to the window. All day. Maybe it's because I haven't had a cup of coffee or tea yet (although I just made a cup of Chamomile). Maybe it's because my last cigarette was an hour ago in the car. Maybe it's just because I'm an asshole.

Let me tell you about George*. And my job. If you know me or have read my journal, or even just tried to sell me a mobile phone on the street, you'd know that I hate my job. I hate it with such vigour that 2 and 3/4 years after I started here, I've become extremely complacent, lazy and irritable towards the users here, students and staff alike. I make no apologies for that. As long as I stay on the good side of my boss, I don't really give a shit what happens here. If you hate your job as much as I do, you generally do just enough work to stay employed.

Why do I hate it so much? Many reasons, and on the other hand, there are a mountain of reasons why this is such a great job (for example, that I even have the opportunity to access the Internet during work time, let alone sometimes spending entire days reading Wikipedia).

But this isn't about me coming to terms with my job and my always present dilemma: "I'm miserable and want to leave my job, but can I find another job that pays as much that is as laid back and easy?". It's about what's pissing me off today. And George.

I first met George when I started here. He was an apprentice that I worked with and we became quite good friends even though we are complete opposites. He's a metrosexual, trendy cafe` hopper with an insatiable appetite for perving on women. An only child to rich parents, he went to one of Australia's finest kill-bot factories/private schools.

After his apprenticeship finished, he pissed off for a while, but I still kept in semi-regular contact with him on MSN while he went off to a private IT college and got an MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator). Earlier this year, my offsider got a promotion (which I also went for, and lost to her much to my dismay) which left me alone as the sole support person. My boss at the time asked if I'd like to hire someone to fill in the empty spot, so I chose George. He came in for a quick interview with my boss and myself and started work a few days after.

Like I said before, George and I are complete opposites down to the finest detail. The only thing we have in common is comedy; we both have the same "disgusting" senses of humour and like the same movies. But apart from that, we're chalk and cheese.

So, when I say I'm irritable towards the users here, George is of course, very polite and often goes out of his way to help them, even if it's not within our scope of support (which most of the time, it isn't). He says hello to people he doesn't know, but has seen them walking around. I, on the other hand, ignore everyone. I make it clear to everyone here, that I'm here to work (or not) and not to socialise. I'm also quite good with computers and networks (I'm trying to remain modest, here). In fact, I know a lot more about computers than all of the "IT teachers" here. This may sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but it's true. I even know more about computers than my old co-worker that got the promotion ahead of me. In fact, I know a lot more about computers than George does, and I'll remind you again, George became an MCSA between the two times he worked here. Yeah. Does this make me feel good? Yes. And no. Because I'll never be able to afford the thousands of dollars it takes to become an MCSA, my job opportunities are severely limited, while George could probably walk into one of hundreds of jobs I'd rather have, because he spent $10,000 and a year of his life getting an MCSA.

Now, it doesn't bother me that he has an MCSA. It doesn't bother me that he's polite to people. It doesn't bother me that a lot of people find him attractive. It bothers me that it affects our work.

These days, people only call me for assistance if they can't find George. Doesn't bother me. Great. Stop annoying me and go see him. However, on the rare occasion that someone asks me about something first, they will usually go and ask George if I don't give them the answer they want. They will ask George without mentioning they'd already asked me. George rings me, and asks the same question, to which I chew him out because I just answered that question, and I have to AGAIN answer it.

This morning, I overheard two teachers walking down the hall, one an experienced full-timer, the other a new part-timer. The full-timer said "Yeah, if you can't find George, just come and see Kristen. He's the number 2 guy." I'm sure he didn't know I could hear him, but i'm now really pissed off because someone has the opinion that I'm "the number 2 guy". It pisses me off because George needs to ask me how to do everything. If he does something on his own accord, more often than not, it fucks up and I have to fix it, or tell him how to fix it, or show him how to do it properly. I handle EVERY problem in the college in some way, because George has to ask at least one piece of advice on everything he does. A lot of times, it's work specific stuff that I wouldn't expect him to know, but even more times it's stuff that an MCSA should know, and not have to ask me, who has only has an HSC.

One of the most frustrating conversations happened about a week ago:

FT Teacher: "Did you change the ColdFusion password? I can't log in"
Me: "Mmmm... no mate, you're the only one that uses it. It's kind've your responsibility to keep it safe"
FTT:" Oh... well it's changed. It's supposed to be ***** but it doesn't work"

I tried it myself, he's right. It doesn't work.

Me: "Hmm, I have no idea. I'll look into it shortly but I don't know how the hell I'm gonna get around that"
FTT: "Oh, then don't worry about it. I'll just go ask George"

At this point, I felt like Bruce Banner.

Me: "No offence to George, I'm not trying to bad mouth him, but he would be even more lost than I am, and he'd call me to ask the same question"
FTT: "Oh"

It's just getting too much, and it's really proving to me that you don't need technical know-how... even if your job depends on it. Just flash a smile, look pretty, and you can avoid being "the number 2 guy".

*Name changed just in case he reads this, which is possible. Then again he'll know it's about him anyway :/
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7th June 2005

9:33pm: I really really really need the font from A Perfect Circle's "Mer de Noms" (the symbol one). I know it's called 'Myan' and I know I can't find the fucker anywhere. Anyone that knows where I can get it, I'll give a Cleveland Steamer if they tell me :D

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31st May 2005

12:30pm: I'm booooooooooooooooooored bored bored. There is not enough time in the world, especially when you work a full-time job that drains your very life force and the essence of your being. Plus there's no time to play video games.

I want my license so we can drive to a remote destination. And buy McDonalds.

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28th April 2005

1:52pm: This journal has gone neglected and unloved. We'll have our new singer confirmed after tomorrow night so I guess there'll be some exciting stuff coming up for us in the next couple of weeks. I bought a new iBook. Hooray!
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14th April 2005

2:53pm: DVO again
We've pretty much secured a new singer, which I'll talk about later.

In the meantime, I've put up a simple page of 3 our tracks without vocals for our auditionees to hear. You're also welcome to hear!


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7th April 2005

9:25am: I'm STILL listening to The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine, almost exclusively. But apart from that, I'm listening to Napalm Death's new LP "The Code is Red...Long Live the Code" which I think is the best album title ever.

Oh, and obviously that post was an april fools joke... my meth habit isn't that bad.
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1st April 2005

11:55am: I know it's been a while since I've updated this journal, but I have a good excuse... one that I need to let you all know.

For the past few weeks, I've been dealing with the secret struggle that is my methamphetamine ("crystal meth") addiction. I've been keeping this a secret from everyone, even Brooke, whom I love more than anything. I know a lot of my friends and family have suspected that I smoke too much pot, but it goes deeper than that. At the moment, I've spent so much of mine and Brooke's money that I've had to take out a loan. All my credit cards are maxed out and I still owe several hundred dollars to a friend that buys drugs for me.

I know I've hurt a lot of you, and all I can do is ask for forgiveness. If you want to talk to me about it, you can email me at krwjohnson at gmail dot com. Please don't be mad... I need your help if I can pull through this.

I love you all very much,

God bless...


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22nd March 2005

3:30pm: I bleh, therefore I am bleh
This dude just called and the following conversation ensued:

Him: "Hello there sir! Are you the network administrator?"
Me: "...Yes" (technically a lie. I'm not *the* network administrator but I'm the closest there is)
H: "Well! My name is Michael and I'm calling from iBurst and Unwired! We do wireless broadband!"
M: "Uh huh"
H: "Do you have ADSL at the moment?"
M: "Err... you know you've called a TAFE?"
H: "Yep! Do you guys use ADSL there?"
M: "Err... well, we have a high bandwidth fibre optic link direct into Telstra's backbone."
H: "Oh...."
M: "I'm pretty sure all TAFEs are on it" (just in case he was planning on calling every TAFE college)
H: "Ohhh........" (yes, he was planning on calling every TAFE college)
M: "Yeah"
H: "Well... what do you do for your laptops?"
M: "Well, we don't have many laptops, but the ones we do have rely on a sophisiticated wireless network that runs from the same backbone"
H: "Oh"
M: "Well.... goodbye!"
H: "Bye"

I have no idea what would make someone think a TAFE would be running off ADSL and that we'd be interested in buying 500 iBurst wireless cards.

On a note just as geeky, I'm managing the student's accounts at work and none of them had their Home Dir defined in their profile. They just needed one string inserted into their profile: "\\cnf10\EduUsers\%username%" and I was writing a VB script to do it for me, since I didn't want to manually type it for all 1000 student accounts. I spent most of yesterday and this morning doing it when I found a fairly good GUI that would let me CTRL/SHIFT click and modify all the students at once. The program had been loading for about 2 hours (loading all the network objects into memory) when I noticed 1000 Home Dirs appearing on the server. Someone at DET head office ran a script they already had prepared which did it for me, rendering yesterday and this morning's work useless. I guess I should thank them? I was going to do some more work on it from home last night. Lucky I didn't, I guess.

I had a little fight with Drew today too. Not really a fight, but as close as fighting as we get. Usually if I say something he doesn't agree with he'll just say "yeah... I guess..." but I guess today he was through with pussy footing around. All to do with the band, he has a different opinion/vision for what our image should/will be but unfortunately, I'm the one that has to write the bio and the website and pretty much everything else.

I guess the three of us (well, 4 now) need to write this crap together, or just get a dedicated manager. At the moment, I'm not managing the band so much as I'm being Drew's secretary, and there's barely anything to manage! I book rehearsal and he says "Make it later" or "Get a bigger rehearsal room"... so I ring and make it later or a bigger room... but that doesn't equate to managing the band... that is having my strings pulled. So, I am hereby relinquishing my duties as band manager and a bass player only.

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8th March 2005

11:58am: http://dvoband.blogspot.com/

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2nd March 2005

9:42am: Well, my P's test very well. Unfortunately for me, I entered 2 school zones at 45km, and as the dude explained to me, they're too strict on school zones to pass me. I also hit the curb on my reverse park but that wasn't enough to fail me.

So, I'm without a license for a little while longer. It doesn't bother me, but it did bother me that I paid $40 for it and that I wasted a half day off to go and do it AND that Mum had to waste half of her day to lend me her car and drive with me for an hour before hand, when I know she wanted to prepare for Andrew's birthday party.

I'll have to buy Mum some flowers or something when I finally pass the spiggin' (thank you Stingray) test.

I saw The Dillinger Escape Plan on Saturday with The Stockholm Syndrome and The Pure Evil Trio. As expected, Dillinger completely blew me away. I've also never been in a mosh quite so furious, although Dan said "This mosh is pussy compared to Hatebreed". I believe that considering Hatebreed fans seem to really enjoy beating each other up.

The set was:

Panasonic Youth
43% Burnt
Destro's Secret
The Perfect Design
Baby's First Coffin
Sugar Coated Sour
We Are The Storm
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (!!!)
Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
The Running Board
Phone Home
Sunshine The Werewolf

The Stockholm Syndrome did nothing to impress me that much. One song near the end of the set had a pretty good riff but that was about it. Picture a grind-ish band whose songs were 10% grind and 90% fucking around with atmospheric garbage. Not to mention the Anal Cunt style vocals which really only belong in a band like AC. Pure Evil Trio were pretty good and had a great groove. I liked them a lot better than Stockholm. Drew had a good point when he said they would be a more interesting band if they had a guy that just sang instead of the guitarist.

I didn't get to see Dillinger on Tuesday at the Annandale :( No cash! Pungent Stench are playing at the Marquee on Friday but I won't have the cash for that either.

The turtle is going pretty well. He's still shit scared of us, but I've added in some plants from the pet store which kinda sucks because now he hides in them, and now my tank looks like it has no turtle in it.

Anyway that's about it, I guess.

I'm tired and want to go homr because, as usual, I hate my job.

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25th February 2005

9:02am: I have my P's test at 3.20pm today. I'm drinking chamomile tea... and feeling very relaxed about it.
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15th February 2005

9:59am: fgpesovamkeosdr;vfeas

Back at work. Somehow I always seem to be sitting here.


The turtle (who is still suffering from lack of name-itis) is good. He's eating a cube of turtle meat stuff per day and his tank is finally bloody stable at 27C. He still stinks even though I did a partial water change. The water is now really cloudy and I don't know why, but he seems fairly happy. I need to get him some greenery. Poor little fella's had nothin' but meat and he needs plants :( I'll get some on Thursday :D

Also, we put an ad in the Drum Media which should be out today for a new singer. I haven't seen it yet but I'm assuming it's under 'Singers Wanted' and it's the one that says to call 'Shasta' so pass it around to anyone you know that might want to sing in a Sydney metal band... cough...
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10th February 2005

4:47pm: The Turtle
The turtle (who is still nameless) is beginning to smell.

Only *beginning* but already it's similar to the smell of a giant dead goldfish.

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9th February 2005

9:14pm: It Hasta Be Shasta!

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11:22am: Let down and hanging around...
I'm pretty sure I need a new job. I hate being here, and at the moment, it feels like I do nothing but work and these are the only people I see. I get home from work and I'm too tired to do anything but stare at the television. The night speeds past, and all of a sudden I'm back trying to be pleasurable to the people here for SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS. 7.5 hours isn't that much out of the day, but it feels like eternity.

Perhaps I'm just extra bummed today considering the circumstances. Yesterday was hot as hell and I worked really hard in a room with no air conditioning which got up to about 37 degrees. Then after that, I had to leave about 20 minutes after I got home to go to Nite Jam in Sutherland for band practice. So I played bass in an even hotter room that had one pedestal fan, and 3 sweaty metal heads, for 3 hours straight with no water. By the end of the 3 hours, the room was a certified sauna. As I was carrying out the bass drum when we packed up, I noticed a switch for this massive industrial vent that would've sucked out all the heat, had we known it was there.

After this, I drove home, even though I could barely lift my feet and my fingers had blisters, paper cuts and bass string inflicted wounds on them.

I got home in time to go to bed.

Then this morning, I had breakfast at 9.30am, 20 hours after my last meal although I hadn't been hungry at all.

I get to work and the HR woman says "oh I need to see you about your time sheets, before she left, Bernadette made lots of notes on them. You might need your leave book". Implying that there's times on the sheets that are wrong that I need to take leave for.

Immediately after, the head teacher for multimedia grabbed me because a full lab went down and no one could find me... bringing attention to the fact I came in late.

Then after I finally got the lab up and running, I get a phone call from my new boss saying he got a letter from HR about my sick leave and he needs to talk to me today.



Ok so... wish me luck for the rest of my day.

In turtle news, his tank got really hot yesterday and I unplugged the heater, even though I'm concerned that the water will get too cold. It's steady at about 27 degrees. Still not 100% on a name.

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8th February 2005

9:47am: Saga` le Turtle day 3
I've pretty much decided on Zep for the turtle's name, but I'm still not convinced. Maybe Hermes... oh I'm so confused, if only he could tell me what name he wanted.

At the moment, the water in his tank is at 27°c which is the maximum recommended. Since they like the warmth, I figure keeping it at the maximum recommended will keep him happy.

He's become a lot less shy and now when I walk in the room, he doesn't swim away unless I make a sudden movement, then he bolts beneath the filter. He's also paddling around in the water A LOT more than Sunday :D

I fed him some brine shrimp yesterday, and some more this morning. They seem to be all gone after about half an hour, so I assume he's eating them. There's also a bit of his frozen dinner still left at the bottom of the tank and he was nibbling at it this morning.

Well... that's about it for the moment I guess. Oh yeah. He was climbing on the heater last night and got all the way out of the water. I think he was looking for an escape. I saw him and went "hey! where are you going!" and it frightened him and he fell in the water again :(

I think he's identifying me as the food bringer too, because he stares at me a bit more curiously than before.

Anyway... back to work where I want to shove a shard of glass in my ear just so I can go home.
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7th February 2005

12:50pm: Names
Ok... These are the names I've thought of for the turtle so far...

Zep or Zeppelin
Jack Daniel


I dunno!
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9:11am: The Turtle Saga Begins
To those that don't know, in September last year, my Grandmother passed away and I was off work for a week or so. In that time, Suzan that I work with decided to get me a present, which was very nice of her. Unfortunately, she took one of my random off the cuff remarks like "I want a turtle" far too seriously and as a result, she researched the how, where and why of having pet turtles in Sydney.

She discovered that you need a license to keep a turtle in captivity and so she went around and collected money for the license ($60) and also got everyone to sign a card, which they gave me in a meeting in front of everyone in the conference room.

A very nice gesture, except now everyone knew that my Grandma died and that I was getting a turtle as a "be happy now!" present. At the time, it kinda pissed me off, but I supressed my anger and embarassment because in the end, she did a pretty nice thing for me (a nice thing that I haven't yet equaled, even though her cousin and best friend died like 2 weeks later, because I'm an asshole).

And apart from the embarassment of having this shit presented to me in front of the whole college, she also told me that she would pay for the turtle, but I would have to buy the equipment.


Those of you that know me well know that I don't exactly have spare cash to throw at turtle equipment every time someone buys me a turtle. And even worse, the quote I had at the time was $80 for the turtle (which Suzan was paying for) and $300 for everything else, and we didn't have the option of buying it without the equipment.

Eventually, we found a place that sold baby turtles on their own for $60 but we had to wait for them to hatch.

6 months passed and they finally hatched, and with perfect timing, our deal beloved goldfish "Goldie" passed away, leaving us with a spare tank, filter, heater, thermometer and rocks. This weekend, Mum and I went and picked up the lil fulla, and looking into his little black spotted eyes and weirdly larger nostrils, I was glad that Suzan went to that effort and embarassed me in front of all my work mates.

He's a male Murray River Turtle (well, the breeder wasn't sure if he was a male or not and left it as 'unknown', but she said he's probably male because of his longer tail)

So without further adieu, I give you UNNAMED TURTLE #000001!

Turtle pics within!Collapse )

I also bought some live brine shrimp and some FROZEN TURTLE DINNERS and I put a dinner in with some shrimp and this morning when I got up, the shrimp were gone and the dinner was half eaten!

Also, when I turned the light out last night at about 7pm, he WENT TO SLEEP! OMG IT WAS SO CUTE! But I couldn't get a picture of it because he woke up :/ and it was so cute when he opened his little sleepy eyes :D

He's scared of humans at the moment, and pretty much stays next to the filter in the corner of the tank when there's people around. If you sneak into the room, you can sometimes catch him on the dry part of the tank or swimming in the open :D

Now, I need to name him quickly so I can stop calling him "the Turtle". Suggestions are welcome.


PS He hatched on the 23rd of January... so that's his birthday! He's two weeks old!
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3rd February 2005


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