MrHate (mrfishbulb) wrote,

Opeth - 25/4/06

Hey gang!

I know I don't write in this much anymore (I now share an office with a mate and he loves looking over my shoulder because, as he says, "you always look at cool stuff and never tell me", and I don't really wanna have him watch me write in my journal... plus I'm kinda busy at work these days) but felt like mentioning that I went to see Opeth at the Big Top at Luna Park on Anzac Day.

Drew and myself walked from my place to St. Leonards station (about a 30 minute or so walk) and then walked from Milson's Point to Luna Park where we saw a queue of people that went from the Big Top all the way back to that restaurant next to the swimming pool, so we walked back past the station to a pub (can't remember what it was called) and chilled on 4 or 5 beers until about 8.50, just before Opeth were due to apear. All this walking left me relatively exhausted, and I didn't really feel the effects of the 9 or 10 beers I drank before hand (we had a few before we left).

We got to the Big Top, eager for more beer, lined up for 18+ wrist label things, went up for a beer and saw the signs saying "no alcohol beyond this point" so we headed in to the venue, thus nullifying the 10 minutes we spent getting wrist bands.

Because we were late, we ended up standing near the back. Usually I'd push my way through but I was feeling really exhausted, and kinda mellow and was just happy to stand back. The Big Top's a pretty big venue. Probably about the size of the Hordern without the stands on the sides.

The sound was absolutely perfect. Really loud but didn't leave our ears ringing at the end. The double bass sounded great too. A little too great as it pounded my bladder awake and needed to pee through the whole show. Annoying because during the slower parts, I was really paying no attention to the music and just wanted to get the hell out of there. I wanted to leave and go to the mens room but thought I might miss some of the better songs :/ Mikael is a great frontman (wearing a Darkthrone shirt too. Darkthrone ftw!)

Dunno the exact set but I remember hearing:

Ghosts of Perdition
The Amen Corner
Under a Weeping Moon
The Leper Affinity
The Grand Conjuration (sounded unbe-fucking-lievable)
Some slow Deep Purple song
Deliverance (awesome unbe-fucking-lievable)

I think The Baying of the Hounds was in there somewhere, too.

Anyway, gotta run
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